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Community Service Reflection

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Community Service Reflection

         Community Service is an important activity every person should embrace as they are growing up.  Doing community service, a person will find themself and be exposed to the lifestyles of other people, which also tends to make the volunteer more aware of the needs of the less fortunate.  Volunteering also contributes to the result of more teenagers being more grateful for everything they have and thus they give more.  This Sophomore year I wish I had done more community service than i had done and I regret not following through with the opportunities I was given.
          Growing up I was taught to give more than I receive.  I enjoyed doing community service when I was younger and the first time I was exposed to needy children, I had wanted to become a doctor indefinately.  Knowing that I wanted to pursue a career in medicine, I had registered to become a volunteer at the local Sharp hospital.  This was a huge step into becoming more closely involved wtih the surroundings I would experience once I am through with medical school.  However, this volunteer opportunity did not come true and until now, I am waiting for a phone call from a trainer.  This is due to the budget cuts in the hopital and the Volunteer Program suffered from the cuts.
          Being somewhat resourceful, I had signed up and joined the group of people who contribute greatly at school, Mercury.  Though it may seem like an uncool job at school, Mercury members benefit from the time and effort put in.  Football season was our busiest time of the year and it demanded more time put into our day to Mercury.  Members were either assigned to ticket booths, register at the concession stands, ticket receivers, and everybody had to assist with the clean-up at the end of the football game unles you left early with permission.  Everytime you worked at a football game, you earned 5 hours tops of community service.  This was not such a bad deal, plus you are able to receive about 15 plus hours of community service for a semester.  You get that and rewards for being a hard worker.
          For my last resort of community service that i can remember doing, was the Cycle Eastlake 2005.  It was the day after prom and I was bum tired from the day of preparing my sister and her friend for prom.  though I was feeling like sleeping in for another three hours, I disciplined myself and woke up at five-thirty in the morning to get ready and get to school by seven to sign in for my community service.  I was assigned to traffic and was in charge of pointing the cyclists and run/walkers into the right direction to the water after the long activity or I directed cars into the right way for the event parking.  The community service showed me how much an event like this needed people to help in order for it to run smoothly and I am so glad that I was able to be one of those people to help make things go more smoothly.  At the end I also helped in the clean up process by putting together the tables, emptying coolers, picking up trash, and assisting any of the company guests with their clean-up.
          Though my community service lacked of hours and effort, I do admit that I could do better next year.  I expect to be a Junior Volunteer at Sharp Hospital by next school year and i anticipate in working in the Emergency room and directing patients to where they should be and handing out forms to fill out.  I also expect to be a teacher's aide at my church and continue learning about my faith by sharing my ideas with other religious members of the community and helping to teach the young people of the church how much our religion will help us through our daily lives.  In addition, I will be more open-minded when it comes to opportunities for community service and do my best with follwing through with what I set my mind to.

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