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The Rise of the Totalitarian States
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Effective Communicator

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          For my AP European History class, we got into groups and each group had a topic to create a teaching device which we shared with the class. The project consisted of a one-pager which had the most important facts from that topic, an activity which helps the student prepare for the test, a quiz to assess well the class was paying attention to the project and the chapter, and lastly a video which had to demonstrate the events in that span of time and important details like in the one pager but it is more interesting on video. I learned teamwork especially from this project and how important it is to not procrastinate because if you do, you will end up with a sorry video like ours. What I did not like from the assignment was that it was so large and the fact that we had to do a video. Not many of us are creative and we ended up looking like fools on the television trying to act when clearly we knew this would lead our videos to end up as garbage. I also did not like the fact that the students new to the class was left out and had to deal with scrambling for a group when all of your friends, whom you are comfortable making a ridiculous video with, are already put into groups. What I did like about the project was putting together the paper assignments. They were not easy, but it did include teamwork and research which, oddly, I enjoy. I truly enjoy working with a team because you either end up with good people and getting close to them, or you end up with a lazy group and end up carrying all the weight and getting most of the credit for the work. In the future I would start the project two months ahead of the due date in order to beat not creating a satisfactory video. This proves I mastered the Effective Communicator ESLR because I listened, spoke and read and wrote the facts appropriately. I used technology to access, manipulate and produce information. Also, I tried to use a creative way to express the topic.

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