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Productive Individual

Chapter 12 Algebra II Test

          For my algebra II class, we had to take a test for chapter twelve which assessed if the students had absorbed anything that the teacher was trying to teach us for the last two to three weeks. I learned how to study in time for a test and how useful it is to know how use the formulas given to you. I also learned how to manipulate formulas so that you can just plug in the values and that made taking the test much easier. What I liked about the test was that I received an average grade and that is one of my best grades for this semester. However, I did have a better score on another test, but I did not have it with me. What I disliked about the test was simply that. The assignment was a test. No one likes tests unless you are one of those people who does not need to study and, everytime, receives a score to boast. In the future I would recheck my answers in order to catch my mistakes be cause I am always rushing to get tests over with because I dislike them that much, I do not want them near me for too long. This proves that i have mastered the Productive Individuals ESLR because I used critical thinking on the test to solve prolems. I also did the test individually because, surprise, it was a test.

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