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          The day I met Joslyn Mae Lapira was a day I could never forget. It was the most innocent way two first graders could meet. We both stood quietly at the bus stop holding our mothers’ hands. As we tried hiding behind our mothers, we tried to steal glances of each other. I remembered her as a small, Filipino girl, my age, and just as shy as I was. Her features were similar to mine which made her even more appealing to me. I grew so curious that I just had to meet her. My mother helped me introduce myself to her and her mother and from then one, our friendship quickly blossomed into a sisterhood. Our friendship was like a dream come true, but even all fairy tales have their endings.

          After arriving to school that morning, I introduced myself to my first grade teacher, Mrs. Gilbert. I had to do the whole explanation of why I go by Meagan rather than Adrienne. That was such a hassla to do, but I would rather not be called Adrienne, it sounded a bit too old for me then.

          As soon as I sat down at my assigned seat, she walked thoug the doors. It was her, the girl I met that morning. I thought to myself, "Gosh, I would love for her to be my friend."

          It is a very long story how I gathered the courage to approach her later again that day, but I am so glad I did. She became my "lunch buddy", end everyday for lunch, we walked together to the park, laughed at jokes, ate our lunch, and ran around in the sun.

          Hand in hand, Joslyn and I were walking toward the playground after we had eaten. Our goal was to be the first to the slides. That day the sky was so blue that when you looked up, you felt very dizzy. High up in the blue skies, the fluffiest white clouds dotted the sky in wonderous forms.

          With Joslyn’s free hand, she pointed up to the sky and joyfully exclaimed, "Look! That one looks like a pig!!"

          She released her hand from mine and ran alone, gigling toward the playground. Giggling also, I ran behind her until she stopped and then hooked arms with me.

          Joslyn whispered to me, "Can you go up to her and ask her to be our friend? Pleeeeaaaasssse?!"

          In quick respinse to her pleading, I went up to her and asked her to be our friend. That is what I loved doing in the first grade. Going up to complete strangers of the same age and making friends with them with my best friend at my side. Joslyn gave me the courage to meet new people and through the six years we would spend together in elementary, we made more and more friends together.

          After first grade, we were not, unfortunately, in the same class until the fourth grade, but that did not stop us from being the best of friends. We found out that we lived on the same street and took advantage of that. On sunny mornings, Joslyn, her brother, my sister, and I all walked to school. Joslyn and I would always be gigling about the littlest things, and we would get smiles from strangers. I guess it was cute seeing two little girls having a good time together on the way to school. With Joslyn, the good times never stopped rolling. Yes it is a cliché, but it was the definate truth.

          Finally in fourth grade, she and I had the same teacher. She started the year in a combination class of fourth graders and fifth graders, but luckily she was switched out and then switched into my class. Out teacher, Mrs. Baity, chose me to catch Joslyn up on the things we have already done in class. On the days we stayed in the classroom helping the teacher, we would always be laughing about an inside joke and it was obvious that we were best friends. I absolutely loved her humor and how she could make anything enjoyable. She could even make tidying up the room asort of game and we would end up laughing our heads off. Mrs. Baity would always ask us if we were seperated at birth or if we were sisters and we just did not know it. That was impossible, but it sure was something I wished were true because it would mean I could almost spend twenty-four hours a day with her.

          In our fifth grade year, we were placed in the same class. I was ecstatic. I said "Hello" to her mom then Joslyn and I went off talking about our short summer break. Most of it we spent apart because she went to the Philippines. She told me all about itand what she did there. I was extremely jealous of her. I have only been to the Philippines when I was a baby, and I have never flown out of the country since. She described to me what it was like seeing the big, blue ocean below and landing in a foreign country where once you stepped off the plane, you felt all hot and sticky. Our fun conversation had to end when school started.

          It was apparent we were not going to get lucky and be seated next to each other, but that never happened in our years together at this school. It was like the school had cameras or spies that took note that Joslyn and I were a dangerous combination, a combination that would set off laughing every five minutes when put together. It did not take long for her and I to grow a friendship with our fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Inumerable. She was young and fun, plus she would not let Joslyn and I get seperated anymore.

          We were excited to hear that we were elegible to be in a program called Peace Patrol. It was the program that her brother used to be in when he still attended our school. We thought it would be a fun thing to do while we learn how to resolve conflicts. We definitely took advantage of the fact that we got to go to a lower grade level’s lunch time during class. What was funner than leaving class early to spend time walking around on the black-top with your ultimate best friend? Exactly. It was the best thing we invested our time in. we got to laugh all we wanted and we shared our happiness with the rest of the children on the playground, which we felt like we ran because we looked official in our blue jackets. We were the chicks in the blue jackets, and nothing was going to stop us-except the scary yard duty.

          By the middle of that year, Joslyn was switched to a combination class of fourth and fifth graders. It was like bad luck for her with combination classes. She couldn’t stay in a combination class or a regular class. I guess Mrs. Inumerable did not have the powers to keep that from happening. We shared tears because it broke the record we were trying to go for, the highest amount of hours we could spend a school year together.

          In addition to those tears, we found out that our first grade teacher had passed away. Back in first grade we knew that our teacher, Mrs. Gilbert, had cancer and was taking chemotherapy to win the battle with cancer, but we did not think that it would go this far. She was our favorite teacher and we both shared our stories of how fun and memorable she was. The was the teacher that brought us together, and we knew we would never forget her.

          The year I found out that Joslyn was in this program called GATE. When she told me, I quickly grew jealous of her. I mean, I was like her twin in everything and now she gets placed in this great program to recognize her intelligence without me-nontheless show that she was the better half. That made me feel inferior to her, but I never showed it. I always knew that she was smarter than me, and she had talents I didn’t have, but this smacked me in the face and told me I was not as great as she. She could play the piano better than anyone our age that I knew, she was liked by everyone, the teachers always liked her, she could always draw and paint better than I could, she never got in as much trouble as I did, and now it was proven that she was really smart. Who can’t get jealous of a person who has practically everything?

          Our competition with each other had started there. If she can get into GATE, then icould get straight A’s without GATE. If she can run a lap on the track without getting winded, then I pushed myself to do so too. If she can win at tetherball, then I will try my hardest to beat her. The competition between her and I was never stated officially, but we knew it was there, and we just had to win. It went through sixth grade, and the competition never slowed down. Anything that you could be the best in, we just had, to be the best. It was a hard fight in sixth grade, but I was able to be the best.

          Our sixth grade teacher, Mrs. Miller, had this system that if you receive an "A" on an assignment or test, you got a sticker. Then you would take that sticker off and then place it on your shicker sheet. I was always the first one to fill up a sticker sheetfront and back throughout the whole year, and I felt very proud. That meant I was beating everyone in the class and getting the most A’s in the class. Joslyn was the one to help me have that power. Though we were in a competition with one another, her friendship never stopped. She never stopped giving and helping me in everything that year in order to get A’s and got me the prize for having the most stickers.

          It was the little things that made us who were were. We were like sisters and inseperable. Teachers and students even made the mistake of thinking we were actually sisters. If I were really her sister, I bet I would have had some of her smarts and talents. She was the type of person that stands out from the crowd with a big red arrow pointing at her. Ironically, my jealousy of her only made me a better person. I know that sounds weird, but it is true. She made me try my hardest at everything and she made sur ei was keeping up. I still don’t have her fantastic 4.9, but I know if I try harder than I am I could get there someday. I’m still not as outgoing as she is, but I know I’ll be up to her level in no time. Joslyn Mae Lapira was not only my best friend, but she was my sister and my teacher. Now that we’re both in different high schools, living on different streets, the good times and phone calls have stopped rolling, and the memories of our fun times together will never stop replaying through my head.

          For our biographical narrative, we were supposed to choose an even or person that has changed our lives and have affected us strongly. I was going to do the same topic I have always done, my mother’s asthma attack. That topic got a little old and I knew there was something more in my life. So I decided to do the paper on my very first best friend and I. My best friend, Joslyn Lapira, was the one person I trusted more than anyone I knew, she knew everything about me that my parents did not even know. She greatly affected my life because she made me strive for a higher goal, she made me want to be better, and when I had set a standard, I did everything I could to reach it. I learned a lot about myself from this assignment actually. It may seem odd, but I learned that if I could set my mind to anything, I am more than capable of it. I also learned about my friendship with my first best friend, we helped each other to where we are right now and it was like we were meant to be. What I liked about this assignment was that it did not have to be formal and writing formal essays are very difficult for me. I usually like to have sarcasm in my essays with a little humor, too. What I disliked about the essay was nothing, really except for the fact that I received so many mistakes. I used to think I was a pretty exceptional writer because of my past experiences in my english classes, but I believe they lead me in the wrong direction, inflating my ego. In the future I would love to reread my essay over again and make sure that it is perfect and make sure I have covered all the standards necessary.

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