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Persuasive Essay

          How many times have you sat in front of the television screen, computer, or next to a radio listening to the new updates of the presidential vote? Majority of the nation awaits the new decision of the new president. But how many people think that the Electoral College vote is unfair? Again, I say that the majority thinks that it is unfair. Around the time of the presidential vote, you will fund political cartoons and comic strips voicing out that, "your vote does not count, so there is no point in voting when it is likely that our candidate will not win." The electoral vote is supposed to be persuaded by the number of votes, and they are supposed to be more educated about the candidates than we are, but shouldn’t our votescount, at the least? It is supposed to be the peoples’ choice, not the more educated peoples’ majority vote. The United States government needs to improve their electoral system by making it fair and easier for the average person to understand, and with an improved version of the system, citizens will understand it better and the popular vote will be used.

          The electoral vote per each state counts as a different number of votes that the average person does not know how it came about. The system is too confusing and complicated that many people do not really care how they vote. Teenagers that have just become adults in the new presidential election are pressured into voting, when in reality, their votes are not accounted for the candidate they wanted. Many teens do not make the effort to care who they vote for, and that is because they know their vote does not count anyway. Our government needds to take it into consideration to make adjustments to the electoral voting system. We do not want the voting rates to dwindle down to a percent that it would not be fairi who wins the election. Yes, people should have the right to vote or not vote, but there should be a reason why people should definitely vote. If a vote does not count in the election, there is no point in trying to make a difference when the decision is already going to be made for you.

          Does the United States government think that their citizens are too na´ve to choose their next leader? Americans shouldhave the right to be taken seriously, and let us choose who our leader is. The electoral vote simply takes over our freedom to vote and has someone speaking our mind for us. This system does not justify our right to vote because if the electoral votes do not have majority, then they use the majority number of votes, plus it has a few more steps to the process if the numbers are equal. That is too long of a process and too complicated. The system needs to become simpler and makes the American’s vote count.

          The electoral vote system is too confusing and should have simple steps in the process of determining the newly elected president. Simply, our country is not what it used to be in the century when our founding fathers invented this voting system. I am a bright girl, but even I canot understand the process myself. It has been explained to me over and over again, but there is not point in trying to learn when my vote will never count or make any difference in the end. Each state should have a number of votes from one through five according to their population size. Then, each vote per state is accounted for, and the majority vote shall win in that state. The candidate that wins for a certain state will get the number of votes allotted for that certain state. Whoever receives the most, is in the end, the winner of the candidate race. It does not seem as complicated as the original version, and those who vote know that tehir vote will lead to an affect in the election. The are minor changes in the system, and so it should not be a problem with those who like the tradition.

          Our foundging fathers of the United States of America designed a vote system for the type of country they had in their century, so currently we are still using the old system. The system in which we vote is crticized as unfair, complicated, and useless. Young adults claim that "they do not care who they vote for" because there is no stimulus to do so. The public and entertainment industry wants to pretend like they care and persuade you to vote, but does you vote count anyway? The answer is no, and there should be a reason to vote. Our efforts in choosing the right man or, in the future, woman to stand behind and support all the way by voting should be rewarded with our votes accounted for. Our system is complicated and is comprised of many little steps that lead to the nation’s new president. Not every average American understands it. The government can simply make an easier system where votes do count and the electoral voting is out. Votes need to count in political races like the presidential elections, the voting needs to be fair, all this can be fixed with a simple tweak in the system, and traditions will not be totally broken.

          The persuasive essay we were to complete for english, we had to choose a topic which we would try to convince someone of a problem we noticed in society. I chose to persuade readers about the issues America has with the Electoral Votes. I found this necessary because in the past there was always so much controversy on how the candidate won when he did not receive the majority of the votes. It is unfair to take away American’s right to choose their president and give all the responsibility to people who supposedly know more about the candidates than voters do. I learned about the system and how many steps there were to come to an agreement of which candidate wins and why it was made that way in the past. I liked the fact that we had to do research as well before writingt he essay. I did not like how we were supposed to write in a formal way and the fact that my words were just going in circles and not exactly giving my point. In the future I would most definitely work harder on this essay ecause I believe it is a good topic to discuss and I would fix every single mistake I find and complete the standards as well.

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