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          School involvement is a really important aspect of high school life. Every students is required to be involved, but if not they will find themselves in the slum waiting list of applications for a university or college. One may not believe that the amount of time and effort you put into your school will not help set you apart from others because well, you are being like everyone else, is terribly wrong. But it shows just that, you put time and effort into an activity which contributes to your school. My sophomore year was mediocre in the sense that I was only active in three activities which benefit the school.

          My first priority became Yearbook. Yearbook members are the historians of our school and work extremely hard year-round constructing a book that will forever, almost, preserve our Titan legacy. Our job titles sound very official and we deserve that. We stay afterschool making our perrs look extra good. It is not one of those articles where you are featured in the newspaper which will be read only once, maybe three times tops. But yearbooks are constantly read back over and over through the years. It is true and this proves that our commitment to this class benefits everybody here at Eastlake High School.

          Another section of the school in which I worked with was Mercury. Mercury is responsible for working the windows at the ASB, counting money, counting chips, counting drinks, passing food and drinks, and setting up and cleaning up for football games. We are the elite squad that serves the school and without us, the ASB will not take in as muh money as it does because of the fast-paced mercury members at the windows. We are mostly accurate and we believe we deserve every ounce of respect from the school. We miss our lunches twice a week in order to serve our peers and sometimes some of the staff.

          The last, but most likely not the very last group I participated with was my 2007 Class Comissioners. Afterschool for about once a month, we created catchy posters for Pep assemblies and we decorated the gym. This takes a lot of time and effort because catchy logos and phrases are very hard to come up with in such short notice. Most of our graduating class of 2007 are very unspirited and take all the work we did to decorate our section of the gym for granted. I find it very rude because they sit there at the pep assemblies bored as light, which I do not understand why they go if they are going to act like that, and then they think our posters which we worked very hard on are stupid and they go an tear them down. The posters were symbols of our school spirit and we actually stayed afterschool to work on them, though we knew in the back of our minds that they were going to get ripped down anyway. Our class commissioners also do clean-up after pep assemblies while the attendees go about their regular schedule.

          My school involvement may not seem very impressive, but I think that it was a very good start for someone like me. I am extremely shy and somewhat lazy so this was a step up for me. I really enjoyed helping out at school and I expect to be more involved next year. I will make sure to join as many clubs as I can be committed with and I will most definitely continue what I have done my sophomore year.

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