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Meagan's Portfolio

Tennis Certificate
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Tennis Certificate
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Productive Individual

Junior Varsity Award for Tennis

          I had tried out for tennis in the fall and surprisingly I had made the team. Joining tennis was one of the best things that could ever happen in my high school life. Tennis was a real work out for me and I made close friends with a few people. I was placed on Junior Varsity and even if it may not seem like much to you, it is like the whole world to me. I am not such a great player, but I am trying to excel in my game and hope to at least make varsity in senior year. If not, that is okay. At least I made the team. I learned so much from tennis. I learned commiment and that you cannot give up because if you do, you will just end up left behind by the team and you will not be able to play any real matches. In the future I will try to improve my skills in order to be able to be in the higher ranks of Junior Varsity and somehow make it to varsity if I ever get the chance in senior year, but most likely I will be spending most of my time focused on classes and yearbook. This award proves that I mastered being a Productive Individual because I have used critical thinking to predict wehre I should be when the ball gets to what point and I how I will hit the ball in order for the opponent to miss the ball. I also played independantly in tennis as well as a doubles team and was successful.

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