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Meagan's Portfolio

Introduction to ESLR's Section
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Reflection on Growth in 10th Grade English Class
Introduction to ESLR's Section
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          Eastlake High School has a system called ESLR's which assists to complete their mission to promote academic growth through a rigorous curriculum along with the acquisition of techinical skills and knowledge that will provide a basis for lifelong learning and will create a bridge between education and career.  The students at Eastlake High School are determined to become Self-Directed Learners, Culturally Empowered Community Members, Effective Communicators, and Productive individuals. 
          The ESLR's for me were very effective and has helped give me a foundation for my further learning in my educational career.  I am very sure that i have mastered all of the ESLR's this sophomore year of mine and I believe that I will continue to do so until I leave Eastlake High School. 
          I believe that the ESLR's are very productive for stuents all around to cover because it will provide them with a foundation that will help them build their character in society and in their own careers.  It is very important to keep up with the ESLR's during high school because it will ensure you a great education here in high school.  I applause the school board for continuing the ESLR system from middle school, it has helped me for sure.

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