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Meagan's Portfolio

Personal Reflection of 10th grade at Eastlake high School

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          A new beginning and a fresh new outlook.  Tenth grade for me was like a whole new adventure with trials and victories.  I assumed my tenth grade would not be challenging, but filled with fun.  I had overanalyzed my abilities to the extent that I thought i could do anything.  This school year was a surprise because I was not prepared for the ride i was about to embark on.

          The very first day I walked onto campus, I felt undestructable.  I was no longer the "baby" of Eastlake Hish School.  I was a Sophomore and was very well pleased with that.  During the first day, I was intimated only twice.  Those factors which caused me to be nervous were my AP European History class and my Pre-AP English class.  I have heard Mr Boone was a very noce teacher, but tough.  Then i heard Mr. Domingo was really hard, but you get what you deserve.  I had anticipated for the year to begin already.

          As for my other classes I had experienced, Yearbook was my favorite class.  Yes, it was not one of those "scholastic" classes, but the class did force you to become more organized and learn not to procrastinate, which I know most high schoolers are guilty of.  My second class which i had enjoyed greatly was my Chemistry class.  I enjoyed the hands on experiences wtih labs and i especially enjoyed learning everything there was to Chemistry.

          Of course there are classes that were quite challenging for me, which i had already introduced as my Ap and Pre-Ap classes.  But Algebra 2 was a real struggle for me second semester.  First semester I was confident and I wanted to learn everything because this was a new start for me, knowing I had been quite the slacker ninth grade i had to pay more attention in class.  But as second semester rolled around, i entered the class as cocky and as if i knew I would ace the class hands down.  This was more than a fairy tale for me.  As the semester progressed, i procrastinated and slacked off more and more as each week passed.  As soon as you know it, I'm wincing at the sight of my grade in the class.  My math teacher informed me of my grade and that I need to do my work, but i become extremely lazy and brushed the warning off. I regret this terribly.

          In the end, sophomore year was a very good experience. The bonus to my sophomore year was that Mr. Boone gave me this opportunity to apply for a medical convention and I am more than ecstatic to attend this summer. I definately learned from my mistakes that I had commited. I have learned that procrastination is something every student should avoid because it does you no good except put you in a situation where you want to pull all your hair out. I also learned that if you surround yourself with a group of people who are smart and always strive for the highest degree, you will find yourself also striving for that goal resting high upon tha majestic pedestal. The new incoming sophomores need to take in mind that unless you have photographic memory or unbelieveably amazing memory, studying is the only way you could pass a test. Take it from the experience, you will regret not studying right after you see the pretty red "F" on one of your test papers. Otherwise, do whatever you please and end up like me, disappointed that I had wasted sophomore year away and did not accomplish half of my goals.

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