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Self-Directed Learner

Girl's Softball Page 1

Girl's Softball Page 2

          Being in yearbook has taught me so many responsibilities that is useful for the rest of my life. For this particualar assignment, a yearbook member would choose a sport for Spring season, or whatever season the yearbook was working on, then they construct a list of things they needed to gather, such as information on the sport, coach names, game schedules, action photos, etc, and after they gathered up all of the neccesary materials, the member takes their things to the computer and plug them into the right boxes in their page. This is a very long process which many people did not know took so much time and actual work. Many people assume yearbook is really easy or it is too hard. They are mistaken, yearbook is just basically meant for those who are good workers and people who do not want to wait last minute. I really enjoyed this assignment because i was able to meet players from the team and take pictures with my digital camera. What i did not like about the assignment was te fact that I did not know much about softball. Actually, I knew hardly any facts about softball. In the future I am going to be a Sports Section Editor so I will have my design be seen by everyone who will hold a yearbook in the year of 2006. This particular assignment proves my mastery of The Self-Directed Learner ESLR beacause I utilized skills that were taught to me in the beginning of the year and eventually became knowledge to create a masterpiece, well, in my eyes. This also taught me to act responsibly and ethically, clearly covering most of this ESLR.

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