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Chemistry Element Fluorine Poster
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Self-Directed Learner

Chemistry Flurorine Poster

          This Fluorine element poster was completed with an effort by a partner and I. Our mission was to identify our element and create a poster which our teacher would put together with all the other elements to make it look like a Periodic Table. I learned the background information of Fluorine and the specific details of what it is composed of and what the atoms of it look like. I did not necessarily dislike the assignment, but it was not that great. I did not find a point into why we were conducting this project, but I assume that it was just one of the desperate attempts to get lazy high school students to work. I liked the idea of working with a partner, but if you did not have very good communicating skills, then you would have ended up not knowing who was doing what. What I disliked about the project was that we worked with a partner. I could have done the whole thing by myself with no help at all. Easy. What I would change about it in the future is to make it more creative. I am missing that creative bone and I am trying to build it up with Yearbook. This project proves my fulfillment of the Self-Directed Learner because we used skill and knowledge we had acquired in the class beforehand and we acted responsibly into getting the project complete on time and we absolutely worked ethically.

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