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Community Service
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Culturally Empowered Community Member

Community Service

          Community service was a perfect choice of evidence. The background on this is serving the community and school by working in the ASB and at football games. I learned that with patience and practice, this job can be easy for you. If you can count quickly in your head, you are mots perfect for this position. What I did not like about it is that sometimes it took me away from enjoying lunch, but that is gone now because I enjoy spending time with my Mercury Team. Also, what I disliked about this community service is the fact that we do not get to work longer, time just goes by so fast when you are having so much fun working at the ASB. What I truly enjoyed was the fact that I could spend many hours with my Mercury team laughing and just having a good time while we were able to serve the community and the school. It was definitely worthwhile. I would not change much about Mearcury or what I’ve done in Mercury, but I would take them to Six Flags instead of Disneyland. This proves that I am a Culturally Empowered Community Member beacause I sontributed model democratice views through participation and service. I also demonstrated my knowledge of cultural diversity because through the year I worked with various ethnicities.

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