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Chapter 9 Spanish Test

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Culturally Empowered Community Member

Chapter 9 Spanish test

          My chapter nine spanish test was devised to asses what each student had learned fromt eh past chapter. I learned how important it was to study very hard before a test in order to get a very good grade just as I did. I also learned a little bit more about the Spanish culture and their way of living. What I liked about the test was that I practically aced it with a score that was not disappointing. I also like the fact that I got a good score for the mediocre amount of stuyding I had done. I disliked the fact that it was a test, but I ended up getting a good score so I got over that. In the future I would study maybe ten minutes more and read more carefully in order to receive a perfect score. This proves I mastered the ESLR of being a Culturally Empowered Community Member because I promoted understand to myself of the subject I was learning and I shouwed it to others in my class and the teacher as well, but not in an egotistic way. Lastly I demonstrated knowledge of a global perspective and cultural diversity because I was learning Spanish and that is from another country and we are expected to learn about their culture as well.

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