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Meagan's Portfolio

Mass and Mole Relationship Laboratory

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Mass and Mole Relationship in a Chemical Reaction

          My Mass and Mole Relationships in a Chemical Reaction laboratory was one of the firsts we ever did in chemistry, thus I spent a lot of time making sure everything was perfect. I learned how to conduct an experimet with a partner and making sure we covered all parts of the objectives. I also learned that if I actually put time and effort, I know I sound repetitive with this cliché, I could receive a good score on my assignments. I liked tha fact that it was a hands-on assignment where we actually got to do soemthing fun instead of sitting in a desk trying to stay awake absorbing a lot of information we are not sure we will use in our future careers. It was very exciting to see a reaction of chemicals infront of your eyes. I did not like that fact that you had to use a pen in the notebook because knowing me, I make a lot of mistakes when writing. Other than that, there was nothing about the lab that I did not like. In the future I would try to write neater and have everythign written neatly in an orderly fashio without having mistakes in it at all. This lab proves that I mastered the ESLR of being an Effective Communicator because I listened to the teacher give us directions, I spoke about the lab with my partner and teacher, and I read and wrote about it appropriately in my laboratory notebook.

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